Spring Break is a Busy Season for First Responders

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Panama City - Even though police say the shooting is not a spring break related incident, they've seen plenty of spring break activity. First responders have been answering all kinds of calls Wednesday. Since this is the first big week of spring break, first responders are dealing with a lot more problems.

They're working around the clock to keep the college students safe. Tuesday night Panama City Beach Police say 19 year old Tallahassee resident Xavier Frost shot 22 year old John Hanford in front of Spinnaker Beach Club.

First responders raced to the scene to tend Hanford who took one bullet in the chest. He is in stable condition at Bay Medical Center. While that has been the most serious incident so far this week, there have been plenty of other mishaps to keep paramedics, law enforcement, and firefighters busy.

Wednesday afternoon a man riding a jet ski in front of the Boardwalk Beach Resort slammed into a wave. The impact caused him to hit his head on the steering device causing him to lose consciousness. Boardwalk employees pulled him to shore where paramedics took Bay Medical Center with minor injuries.

30 minutes later a spring breaker passed out behind Club La Vela. Authorities determined he'd had too much to drink. Immediately after that another spring breaker crashed a scooter in front of the Holiday Inn on Front Beach Road. Police ay he turned to miss people walking across the street and flipped his scooter over. Paramedics took him to Bay Medical Center with minor injuries.

So far, most spring break related arrests have stemmed from alcohol use. In fact Panama City Beach Police officers say they've arrested 29 people for underage drinking so far this week. Nine for consumption of alcohol on the right of way, five for disorderly conduct, two for trespassing, and three DUI arrests.

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