Springfield Releases 2011-2012 Audit

Springfield City Officials released the 2011-2012 audit showing the city's severe debt at the time.

The auditor expressing 'no opinion', meaning the company could not accurately say whether or not Springfield was financially stable at that time.

Springfield Mayor Ralph Hammond said it was the fifth time in a row the city received a 'no opinion' audit. Commissioners are ready to pass the city's first property tax to help pay for projects they've had to put off for years.

Hammond said the city is in the black now, but said this old audit is one of the motivators to shore up the budget. "We're looking good. We're getting stronger every day. I'm getting ready to notify the governor's office, probably in about a month, that we're no longer in a financial emergency," said Hammond.

Hammond said staff and accounting changes, along with the property tax should begin to show results in the 2014 audit.