Springfield Commissioner Jimmy Talley Resigns

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SPRINGFIELD - A bit of a shocker in Springfield on Monday.

City Commissioner Jimmy Talley resigned from his seat.

Talley says the decision has to do with more demands on his time in his regular job with the Panama City Fire Department.

Springfield's Ward 3 City Commissioner Jimmy Talley surprised everyone Monday by tendering his resignation, effective 5:00 Monday Evening.

Talley recently received a promotion with the Panama City Fire Department which is commanding more of his time.

He says, "I had been a lieutenant for years and I was promoted to Division Chief. Well, Division Chief is very demanding and I wasn't able to give Springfield the same attention I was in prior years before getting promoted. I was missing meetings, I was unable to put my attention to where it needed to be and the citizens, the employees, and the board is too important to me for that."

Talley has been with the fire department for more than 25 years.

He was in the midst of his fourth term as a Springfield City Commissioner, with ten months left to serve.

He says he was missing more meetings and could not devote the time necessary to deal with the city's problems, like a budget shortfall and the possible creation of a property tax.

He added, "During my other three terms, we faced a lot of big issues, so issues have nothing to do with this decision. It's all a matter of I can't devote, I feel like I can't devote the time and energy that Springfield deserves."

Talley says he discussed the decision for some time with his family before deciding to step down.

"It was the right thing to do especially with all the many issues that are facing Springfield, the time was right for me to go ahead and resign and let someone else take the seat that can devote the time and the energy needed to do that job."

The city has ten days to appoint someone to fill Talley's seat. Those interested are asked to come forward to City Hall.

After ten days, it will be up to Governor Rick Scott to appoint a replacement.