Springfield Commissioners Agree on Property Tax

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Springfield-- Springfield City Commissioners agreed on a figure of 4 mill.

A mill is equal to $1 for every $1,000 of taxable property value.

"We can go down from that point between now and September," said Ralph Hammond, Springfield Mayor.

Mayor Ralph Hammond says the city will not go over the millage it sets.

"Right now with our budget figures, we're looking at probably a .0034. That gives us a little room if we have a natural disaster or something. A little extra money to play with," said Hammond.

Hammond says they're up to date on their bills.

"We're getting ready to notify the governor's office that we are no longer in financial crises," said Hammond.

City leaders expect the new property tax to bring in about $660,000.

The city's overall budget is 9.5 million dollars.

It includes $131,000 in road repaving, which they never budgeted for before.

And $25,000 to remove abandoned homes and trailers.

Hammond says they're also looking to replace some other equipment.

"We still have the time to remove vehicles, remove road paving, we can get down to zero on the Ad Valorem, but then we don't do anything. We just want to start doing things for the city, get it back in shape and people be proud to live here again," said Hammond.

Another budget hearing is scheduled for September 8th and the mill rate will be finalized by the end of September.