Springfield Considering Changes in Animal Control Services

SPRINGFIELD - Springfield city commissioners may be considering a change with Bay County's animal control services.

Commissioners are looking at altering their inter-local agreement with the county to cut down on animal control service costs.

The cost of animal control services is going up for Springfield about 21%. The amount of the increase depends on each local government.

The jump in cost is making some commissioners wonder if there's a way to save money.

"Our animal control services keeps going up every year. We're looking at ways we can reduce the price to the city whether it be collecting animals and taking them to bay county or continuing contractual service," said Springfield Mayor, Ralph Hammond.

Commissioners didn't reveal any estimates for how much it would cost the city to pick up and deliver animals to the county's animal control, but they are looking into the option.

They say they will discuss the option more at their next commission meeting in early September.

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