City of Springfield Looking for Grant Money

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Springfield- During their third an final debt workshop meeting Monday, a Marianna woman gave some of the Springfield commissioners something new to consider.

"We've talked about some of your budget needs. Home repair, demolishing old homes, maybe a financial literacy conference and one stop, fire department, you need a fire truck and of course relocating companies corporate office to this area," said Karen Stripling, Grant Advisor.

Karen Stripling contacted the department three months ago and began discussing different grants to answer some of these budget needs.

Officials believe Stripling's 25 years experience in grant writing will help the city.

"We have small little grants at the police department that gives equipment, but we've never got a grant that would help us the way that Miss. Karen Stripling has described it," said Lee Penton, Springfield

Mayor Ralph Hammond admitted the city is not too familiar with the process of grants.

But he believes this could be a way out of the city's current situation.

"If we got money coming in and all the grants paid for the road, say example of this $30,000 road, that would relieve $30,000 for the general budget, which we could spend somewhere else, which in turn would decrease the ad valorem,' said Mayor Ralph Hammond.

Stripling's services would cost the city $1,300 dollars a month for the first year.

Commissioners also discussed a potential new business, wanting to locate across from city hall.

"It will be a general retail store. It will be very convenient for this area and it will be closer than what we have in Parker and down in Millville. So it would definitely increase the flow. It will help our citizens," said Hammond.

Hammond says he can't release the name of the company, because it's still under negotiations.

The city also wants to remind residents about fire hydrant testing during the evening of June 7th through the 15th.