Springfield Is Clamping Down on Fire Assessment Payments & False Alarms

SPRINGFIELD, Fla Springfield commissioners are setting up workshops for City Commissioners to address two items on Monday night’s meeting agenda.

City commissioners will hold a Fire Assessmen meeting on March 17th at 5pm to discuss their Fire Assessment Fee.

A third of property owners have not paid their part of the nearly 477-thousand dollars raised for the Springfield Fire Department to keep up with their I-S-O rating of 6-out-of-ten.

If this resolution is passed, Springfield residents who didn't pay last year's tax could see outstanding amounts on this November's tax bills.

And Springfield Police Chief Philip Thorne is proposing harsher penalties for property owners who repeatedly report false alarms which require emergency vehicle responses. Apparently, the police and fire departments respond to about 425 alarms each year, and only four are legitimate. This meeting is set for April 7th.

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