Springfield Mom Upset About Selective Bus Routes

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BAY COUNTY-- A Springfield mother says she's fed up with the Bay District School Transportation Department. She says a bus that's supposed to pick-up her kids hasn't shown up for 3 days.

Randi Marsh is a mother of five and nursing student, so her time is valuable. "I have a 13 year old, 11 year old, 7 year old, I've got 2 babies one's about getting ready to turn 3 and the other one is 1."

A week before school started, Marsh was told her 7 and 11 year old's were accepted into the Opportunity Choice Program at Deerpoint Middle School. The program gives parents the option to send their child to a higher-performing school.

Late Monday night, officials told Marsh a bus would be picking-up her two kids at 6:59 Tuesday morning. She said, "They [transportation officials] said to be there by about 6:55 to make sure that the bus didn't run early. I got in there at 6:30 and waited until 7:45...No bus showed up to drive them to school."

Wednesday she tried again, but still no bus. "No bus came. They ended up staying home," She explains.

The Marsh's called the school and hoped transportation officials would have the kinks worked out by Day 3.

Marsh said, "My husband called transposition and they told him that there would be a bus coming that they were just getting adjusted to things and still yet there was no bus."

Transportation officials say they're having some problems keeping up with the Opportunity Choice Program students.

Bob Downin with the Bay County Schools Department Transportation said, "We get a new list everyday and it takes us a day or two to get those put into the system to find a bus for them. When it comes to Opportunity Choice we have to accommodate it; that's by law and we will."

At least 75 students take part in the county's Opportunity Choice program. School district officials have chosen Deerpoint, Surfside, and Tommy Smith as the schools to host the Opportunity Choice program.