Springfield Officials to Issue Moratorium on Homeless Shelters

Springfield city officials recently won a lengthy court battle to squash the Panama City Rescue Mission's plans to expand it's Bethel VIllage campus and apparently they don't want to go through another battle any time soon.

Officials are not considering an ordinance to determine future locations of homeless shelters within city limits.

While they haven't come up with the exact wording of the ordinance, they aren't waiting for that to happen. Monday they plan to issue a moratorium to prevent any new homeless shelters from setting up shop for the next 6 months, until the city can come up with an overall plan.

"We don't have an industrial area in Springfield, so we're gonna have to set aside different corridors and say definitely not on this area," said newly elected mayor, Ralph Hammond. "Maybe a multipurpose location like where you got businesses and apartment complexes and things like that might be more suitable than a strict residential area."

Residents agree with the measure.

"If you're looking into selling a home of it you're looking into buying a home, for that matter, you may not want to live by a homeless shelter," said Springfield resident Stacy Bartron. "You might not want to be vulnerable, not want to let your children be vulnerable, so that matters a lot."

Commissioners plan to discuss the ordinance in detail at their next city commission meeting.