Springfield Post Office Hoax Suspects in Court

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SPRINGFIELD It didn't take long for local investigators to determine a daring broad-daylight robbery Wednesday never happened.

They say the clerk working at the Springfield Post office that afternoon made up the story to cover up his own theft.

Suspect David Rice spent his 21st birthday in front of a judge at the Bay County Courthouse this afternoon.

21-year-old David Rice and 20-year-old Courtney Diane Goines appeared before a judge Friday afternoon.

They're accused of stealing money and money orders from the Springfield post office Wednesday.

Neighboring Business Owner Joseph Cain says, "To me that's pretty dumb 'cause, you know, that makes it a federal offense to go robbing a post office."

Around 5pm Wednesday evening, Rice, who was a postal clerk, called 911 from a closet inside the post office.

He told investigators two men and a woman robbed him at gunpoint, then locked him in the closet.

But investigators say the story just didn't add-up.

Springfield Police Chief Phillip Thorne says, "We have video evidence of the crime scene area that shows us that things that he said occurred didn't occur."

Police say the supposed victim in this case knew there were no surveillance cameras within the post office.

What he may not have known is there are surveillance cameras in surrounding businesses.

"He was adamant that it had happened just the way he told us. Even when we told him we had proof, he didn't believe us."

Goines turned up on some of that surveillance video.

Authorities say she told them she was Rice's sister, but say she eventually admitted to lying about that, helping with the robbery and stealing the money.

Investigators say she also led them to the $2,000 in stolen cash and money orders.

ice is being held on $7,500 bond.

Goines' bond is set at $5,000.

Prosecutors say they could drop state charges and hand-over the case to federal authorities.