Springfield Residents Worried over New Neighbors, Bears

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Residents say they have seen three bears making themselves at home in the woods next to the Whispering Pines Apartments in Springfield.
"There's many occasions we'll sit and watch TV and we'll hear them outside our window,” said Melissa Chase, who lives in the apartments. “We can take pictures and videos of them at nights outside our window. It's an almost everyday occurrence."
At first, the bears would only come out in the evenings, residents responded by taking their children inside.
Now, they are coming out in during daylight hours.
"We got a call from one of our tenants saying we had a bear in the trap and a bear outside the trap,” said Frank Bouldin, the maintenance supervisor at Whispering Pines. “Once we got there-there was still a bear on the outside. We call fl wildlife, they came out, and there wasn't a bear inside-but outside. He didn't have the proper equipment to take the bear down; he has to have it in the trap."
Residents were out Monday afternoon, trying to catch a glimpse of the bears after they had run back into the woods.
The animals seemed oblivious of the audience, continuing to eat from a pile of trash.
"It is wildlife. You don't know what they're going to do, so it is a scary thought,” said Chase. “Especially in the middle of the night when we're bringing the kids in and out.”
Residents say they want the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to relocate the bears, but they are going to have to trap them first.
Wildlife officials have set traps for the bears, using salmon as bait, but so far, they have had no luck.

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