St. Andrew's Farmers Market Moves To The Beach

By most accounts, the Waterfront Farmers Market in St. Andrew's has had a successful 9 year run.

Organizers are planning for the 10th season to begin later this month, but not in St. Andrews.

It will kick-off once again on February, 16.

It will not take place in its usual location on Beck Ave, instead it will be held in Panama City Beach at the Pirate's Cove Marina off Thomas Drive.

"We're all about raising up young entrepreneurs, people that are making things and baking things and making things with their hands," said Ronnie Barns, the market coordinator.

Fans are not completely unfamiliar with this location.

Barns added that her vendors have been using the Pirate's Cove site on Sunday's, for about a year.

After all those successful years in St. Andrews, some are questioning why Barns wants to move to Panama City Beach.

It may have to do with the events handbook Panama City Commissioners passed last year.

It requires event organizers to provide a list of vendors to the city, something Commissioner Mike Nichols said Barns had not done.

"If Panama City reviews their business policies, so they're business friendly. This is a better place for me to be right now. It takes time for municipalities to work through cumbersome policies, but in the meantime, it's time to open a market," said Barns.

And that is what she is doing, but not in St. Andrews.

She said she has not ruled out going back to Panama City, but for now, the home of the new market will be in Panama City Beach.
Nichols said he is disappointed the market is moving, but hopes another organization will fill the void.

Commissioners will discus options at their meeting next Tuesday.