St. Andrews Kicks Off Sunset Farmer's Market For Summer

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ST. ANDREWS - The Farmer's Market in St. Andrews is adding a bit of variety this year.

The market will begin opening in the afternoons on Thursdays from 4 to 8.

They're calling it the Sunset Farmer's Market.

The Sunset Market will run during the summer, through October 9th.

Food trucks and vendors set up their merchandise at the end of the St. Andrews Marina.

Coordinators are hoping customers will also explore historic St. Andrews.

John Carbullido, the Sunset Market Coordinator said, "We have art. We have jewelry. We had food service. We have clothes. We have manufactured merchandise, handmade, homemade, homegrown fruits and vegetables and incredible performers."

Organizers say they'll fire off a cannon and blow conch shells at each sunset.