St. John Catholic School's Mr. Boss Wins Golden Apple

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Panama City - This week's Golden Apple award winner teaches middle school religion and social studies at St. John Catholic School in Panama City. Mr. Boss has been teaching at St. John Catholic School for 30 years, teaching lessons with eternal implications.

In Mr. Boss' classes, the lessons of the Bible and the characters in history books come to life. "Whenever he teaches us he uses stories and makes it easier to understand and helps us remember it," said student Alexia Alive, who nominated Mr. Boss.

A constant in the life of St. John Catholic School for 3 decades, Mr. Boss has the respect of students and colleagues alike. "He is one of the reasons I get up and go to school every day," said 6th grader Elana Walker. "He is extremely knowledgeable in his content area and he has a way of really engaging the students," said Principal Kaycie Hoffman.

The school is newly equipped with the latest technology, helping Mr. Boss teach timeless lessons. "We teach the Catholic faith of course, but there is a lot we teach. We teach morality, we teach tradition. There are a lot of elements that go into teaching the faith," said Mr. Boss. Part of teaching the faith is living it out. "I look at it very much as a vocational calling. If I can help them just a little bit to be better people it would really be an accomplishment."

Congratulations to Mr. Boss, this week's Golden Apple award winning teacher. "All of the faculty has been very supportive, they kind of all deserve this," said Mr. Boss.