St. John's Catholic School Language Arts Teacher Wins Golden Apple

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Panama City - This week's Golden Apple winner teaches middle school Language Arts at St. John's Catholic School in Panama City. It's not just Andrea Kopp's teaching style that make her stand out, it's her individuality and, yes, her fashion sense.

In a school where uniforms are required, unique shoes are an outlet for creativity and individuality. Mrs. Kopp leads by example. "I have this theory that the more interesting shoes you wear the more the kids will pay attention and Mrs. Kopp has a thing with shoes," said Principal Kaycie Hoffman. "She has a funny side to her, she is a really good teacher," said student Joseph Bonono.

Incorporating things like the Promethean Active Board into her daily teaching is a top priority for Mrs. Kopp. "She uses technology that helps us learn, it's hands on," said student Sara Dastgerdi. "She is a teacher who makes her class interesting and goes the extra mile to help us," said Alexis Alvis. For Mrs. Kopp, being in the classroom is more than a job, it's a calling. "I feel very strongly that God wants me to be here. He has called me again in the direction of teaching which is what I went to school for so I am really happy to be here," said Mrs. Kopp who spent years in student ministry.

"She is very involved in the students lives to make sure that they are taking care of their soul and their academics," said Principal Hoffman. "This is really a family, it's my parish family. The school is a family. The kids are amazing but their parents are a great support. The faculty is a great support system and that helps everyone be successful," said Mrs. Kopp.

Congratulations to Mrs. Kopp, this week's Golden Apple award winning teacher.