Stabbing Ends in Death at Southport

A Southport man died in a hospital Saturday after being stabbed nearly three weeks ago in an American Legion parking lot in Southport.

The man’s girlfriend, Earnestine “Tina” Canuet, 64, of Chipley, was arrested and charged with the stabbing, but has since bonded out.

No murder charges had been filed as of Tuesday.

The stabbing happened Oct. 21 at the American Legion Post 375 in Southport. When authorities arrived on the scene, 68-year-old Richard Lielasus was already on the ground with a 6-inch gash in the left side of his stomach, and Canuet had his blood on her shirt, according to the Bay County Sheriff’s Office.

“I can’t believe that [expletive] stabbed me,” Lielasus said, according to the BCSO report.

He appeared to be heading into shock when the ambulance arrived and took him to Bay Medical Center Sacred Heart Health System, but he was apparently stabilized.

En route to the jail on the stabbing charge, Canuet was in hysterics, making several outbursts including: “Please don’t hate me; I’m not a bad person; I just snapped; he said such mean things to me.

“He broke my heart; he told me to suck it up and get over it; I don’t know why I did it but I just did, and I’ve never hurt anyone before.”

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