Stand Your Ground Reform?

When the House Criminal Justice Subcommittee takes up changes to Stand Your Ground Thursday afternoon, the committee will be led by Rep. Matt Gaetz.

Gaetz has already said he wants no changes to the law at all. “I support the Stand Your Ground law as it is. You know, I’m open-minded. If people have meaningful reforms that they can offer that will keep the people of our state safe I’m eager to hear those reforms.”

The predisposition worries Democrats. They say some changes to Stand Your Ground are needed now.

“You got House members, you got Senators from all across the state, they’re all agreeing to this then why is it you will or will not accept the amendments,” said rep. Perry Thurston.

Stand Your Ground support doesn’t follow party lines.

Republican Representative Ray Pilon says he would support changes that help improve the law.

“When we got down to doing business that the legislature does we always look to improve situations, not make them worse,” said Pilon.

Florida's Stand Your Ground law was the first to pass in the country and depending on what happens next session, it could be one of the first to have any reforms to the current law.

A poll earlier this year shows more than half of Floridians support Stand Your Ground.

“I think there will be discussions on both sides of the issue,” said Pilon.

A Senate Committee has already approved minor changes to the law.

The Stand Your Ground Law was passed in 2005.

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