State Officials Look to Bay County for Ideas On Waste Water Treatment

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Officials from the the Florida Department of Environmental Protection toured Bay County's Waste Water Treatment Plant on Tyndall Air Force Base Wednesday and were impressed by what they saw.

The advanced waste water treatment center at Tyndall purifies more than 3 million gallons of waste water each day. Representatives from the Florida DEP were amazed to not only see the amount of water passing through the plant, but it's condition after the fact.

"This is one of the most advanced systems we have in the state of Florida," commented FL DEP Secretary Herschel Vinyard. "One of the problems that's plaguing our state is excess nutrients in our waterways. The investment in technology that's been made out here removes the excess nutrients before it enters St. Andrew's Bay."

The technology includes a 6-step process of filtering that ends with UV radiation, rather than adding chemicals, to disinfect the water.

"It is doing it as effectively as any system could possibly do of this type," said Bay County director of utility services Paul Lackenmacher. "So it's hugely important to the bay and the ecology of the bay."

"They do an amazing job removing nutrients from this waste water stream and we need to replicate that throughout the state," said Vineyard.