State Road 22 Possibly Widening

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Callaway, FL-- On Thursday the Florida Department of Transportation will release its plans to widen State Road 22.

Ian Satter talks about why they are having this public gathering,

"We're inviting the public to come and take a look at the stretch of the area that we are looking to widen, get their feedback. This is the start of a study."

Satter is referring to the stretch of road between Highway 98 and Star Avenue.

But according to Satter, this is only the beginning of a lengthy project,

"This is a long process and then we'll go there to design and if we do have a design that we like then we will look at right away acquisition and finally construction of the project but right now it's very early."

And since this project is in its very early stages, Satter says the DOT Hasn't done enough research to determine how many lanes should be added.
So how do they know this area of road could need enhancement?

"Well we do know that Bay County is a growing area the whole Emerald Coast here in Northwest Florida is a growing region and we have several area that right now we're looking forecast in the future that those particular stretches of roadway will not be able to accomodate the future traffic. So what we're looking to do right now is to do a study so that if we have the need, we can construct and widen some of these corridors to allow for that future traffic. So we don't run into congestion problems in the future. We can get ahead of that.

Also in thursday night's meeting the DOT will include how this could affect local businesses along this stretch of road.

That meeting will take place from 5:30 to 6:30 at the Springfield Community Center.