State of Emergency in Jackson and Washington Counties

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Heavy rains today have not helped Jackson and Washington County officials, who were already repairing roads damaged by Tuesday's rain.

Earlier today county commissioners in both counties declared states of emergency.

That could help road departments that are already struggling to pay for previous flooding and road wash-outs.

Same story, different day.

A lot of Washington and Jackson County residents woke-up Friday morning to find their yards flooded.

The same thing that happened to them Tuesday.

Only this time there is no place for the excess water to go.

"We're gonna run into some real problems,” said Washington County Public Safety Director, Lynne Abel.

“The water levels are elevated and there is nowhere for the water to go because the ground is so saturated," she continued.

Last summer Washington County received the most damages.
But, this time Jackson County seems to be taking the worst beating.
County commissioners in both counties have declared states of emergency

"We've got some impact on the river. And it looks like Chipola River is gonna reach its flooding stage. 19 feet is a moderate flooding stage,” explained Jackson County Emergency Management Director, Rodney Andreasen. “But we're looking at approximately 20.6 feet."

Both also said to be cautious of what the water on the flooded roads could be covering.

"It could be extremely dangerous because there could be exposed pipes that are hidden that could cave in from the weight of a vehicle,” said Abel.

"And you just don't know how deep that water is and it may have washed out a road and its filled up and you'll lose your car," explained Andreasen.

Washington County officials also say they have flood warnings on the Choctawhatchee River, and are expecting the river to reach major flood stages at Ebro sometime Saturday night or Sunday.