State of the State

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. Governor Rick Scott gave his fourth State of the State address Tuesday, pointing out how bad things were when he took office and how much they have improved since 2011. The Governor's message is one of "Let's Keep Working."

Governor Rick Scott entered the State House Chamber to thundering applause, prolonged handshakes, back slapping and even a selfie.

The Governor spoke for 31 minutes, repeating the phrase "Let's Keep Working" nine times.

As he has in campaign events, Rick Scott stressed how poorly the state was doing when he took office. "Unemployment was above 11 percent. More than one million people in Florida were out of work."

And how much better off Florida is today. "Jobs are coming back, career opportunities are growing, home values are improving."

The Governor promised the keep college affordable. "We will hold the line on tuition."

And he told his life story of growing up in public housing.

Reaction to the Governor's speech was predictable based on your party affiliation. Fellow Republican and Senate President, Don Gaetz, was supportive. "I think the state of the state is good and improving, we're headed in the right direction, and I think this Governor deserves a lot of the credit for it."

But many Democrats weren't so kind, like Carl Zimmerman a Democrat from St. Petersburg. "When you look at the unemployment rate drop, the number one complaint I get in my office is that the website is not working and I wonder how many of numbers are real and how many of those numbers are people that have just been forgotten"

The watchwords of this sixty-day election year... keep controversy to a minimum.

Likely gubernatorial opponent Charlie Crist responded to Scott’s address by saying Scott was delivering campaign talking points. Crist added that he hopes he can deliver a State of the State address next year that puts people first.

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