Steps Taken to Clean Up Contamination at Tyndall AFB

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the United States Air Force, and the Florida Department Environmental Protection signed an agreement Friday, creating a framework for cleaning-up contamination at Tyndall Air Force Base.
Back in 2008, the Justice Department ruled that Tyndall had to comply with an environmental protection agency order to clean-up some contaminated sites at Tyndall Air Force base.
The EPA identified more than 50 sites on Tydnall's 29,000 acres, as having potential contamination like PCB's, pesticides containing DDT, heavy metals, jet fuel, oil, and explosives residue.
Those sites included landfills, fire training areas, explosives detonation areas, fuel and pesticide storage facilities, and vehicle maintenance shops.
The EPA had already added Tyndall to it's Superfund National Priorities list in 1998.
Today's agreement is part of that process.
No word on when the clean-up process will begin.

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