Still Rebuilding After the Flooding

SANTA ROSA BEACH, Fla Volunteers and non profit organizations are still giving a helping hand to those in Walton County affected by last summers flood. But they aren't locals--all these volunteers are traveling from Kentucky. It is all about paying it forward.

It has been months since heavy flooding damaged much of Walton County, and still today many families are repairing or rebuilding what was lost. But a group of volunteers from southern Kentucky is paying it forward, and have spent the last week helping one family in the Santa Rosa Beach area.

Pastor Steven Riddle is with the Red Bird Conference, Kentucky. "We are totally on donations. Each person here paid for the opportunity to come and work and our conference helped us with some of the funds to be able to get down here, eat and work. But it is all on donations."

Everyone was brought together by the non-profit Hammers and Hearts. Founded in March of 2012---the group finds those who have been affected by natural disasters and they find volunteers who will travel and help with the repairs.

For Shirley Walker, a volunteer from Kentucky, this experience hits close to home. "This time I was really touched by this because I once lost my home, and I said this is one trip I want to go on."

While these volunteers may live a few states away, they say it is all about paying it forward. "So when you see people in need, like these people, you want them back in the home."

The group of volunteers will continue to make repairs on the home the rest of the week, and then will be heading back to Kentucky on Saturday.

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