"Stop The Violence" Rally Canceled

BAY COUNTY-- Identification or not, this week's murder has scuttled plans for an anti-violence rally that was supposed to take place Saturday.

A group called the Community Coalition of Bay County along with Bay County Sheriff's Office and Panama City Youth Movement had scheduled a stop the violence march Saturday morning, followed by the rally tomorrow afternoon.

The rally was to take place from 4pm to 8pm at Tommy Oliver Stadium, with several high-profile motivational speakers and civil rights leaders with local ties.

The groups say they wanted to answer the more than half dozen murders that have occurred in Panama City this summer alone.

But after this week's killing, there were concerns about security for the event, as well as being respectful of the victim's famly.

"The rally that was planned is being rescheduled as we have more resources now that are coming to the forefront so that when we call for community to come together and to stand together that we will be able to do so in such a manner that involved everyone in the community and anyone would feel comfortable coming to the event," said Janice Lucas, Community Coalition of Bay County.

While the rally has been postponed, the march will take place as scheduled.

It begins at 8:00 Saturday morning at the Glenwood Community Center at MLK and 9th Court, and will end at Tommy Oliver Stadium at Bay High School.