Community Members Join Forces In 'Stop the Violence' Coalition

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PANAMA CITY-- With a recent surge in violence these past few weeks, several concerned citizens joined forces to address issues on gun violence.

But there's one common message.

It's not just our kids who need to work towards stopping the violence.
Community members say a unified effort across all lines will lead people in the right direction.

"My message to the youth, is as much as a message as it is to the parents, you know, I mean it starts at home, parenting," Panama City Mayor Greg Brudnicki said.

"It's not the children we can teach our children the alphabets and the shapes and they're gonna get that, but it's talking to the parents," a community member said.

"Take them, take them to that girls meeting they can't get there by themselves," a community member said.

Some also say as the community moves forward, it's important for parents to stay involved.

"The race is what we do as we move along," a community member said. Whether it's through extracurricular activities or community involvement.

"Instead of shooting each other, let's go to a gym lets box, walk away and be done with it, because a lot of these guys were friends at one point," Greg Dossie of Rainbow Push Coalition said.

"These organizations are trying to grow youth and leaders for tomorrow," an organizer said.

And they're not stopping here. "It's like repetition keep driving it in everyone's head conflict resolution, anger management," Dossie said.

And one last message to drive to our youth.
"Stop the madness, stop the violence, if you stop the madness you stop the violence," Dossie said.

Mayor Greg Brudnicki proclaimed July 2014 as stop the violence month.

The 'Stop the Violence' coalition will continue to have events throughout the year to counter acts of violence.