Destin Stores Prepare for Black Friday Shopping

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With holiday shopping hysteria on the horizon, having a game plan can help no matter which side of the counter you're on.

"It makes a better shopping experience for the customers that are coming in. It makes our employees much more set up, they're more trained. They're better able to take care of the customers that come in because they have a better game plan going into the day" said Destin Best Buy General Manager Sean McCowan.

Best buy, which opens at midnight, is hoping door buster deals will get shoppers spending.

Ashley Watkins with Silver Sands Outlet Mall says they have a game plan for inside and out. "We've been preparing with our local municipalities and our police to monitor and control the traffic throughout the midnight madness and holiday weekend."

Traffic control will be a good thing. Best buy general manager Sean McCowan is expecting a big crowd for “Black Friday”. "It'll be big, it's big every year, I think big is an understatement, you know thousands of customers will come. We already have customers lined up right now as we speak."

Retailers aren't the only ones preparing for the “Black Friday" rush, lines are beginning to form as shoppers prepare to grab some hot ticket items.

"We got here at 10:30 yesterday morning, Wednesday and we're waiting on a big 55 inch HD 3D TV" said black friday shopper Rob Fagan.

Shoppers say it's all about the experience and getting that coveted spot at the front of the line.

“It took us about six years to do it but we made it" said Fagan.

As Black Friday shopping kicks off – some stores will be opening earlier than usual to help deal with crowd control. Stores like sears are opening as early as 8:00p.m.

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