Strike 2 For Local Dog

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Panama City, FL-- A local dog has reportedly been involved in two different attacks.

The Stein family met with county officials at Panama City Hall Thursday, to defend their family pet, "Dylan."

The 4 year old Weimaraner, similar to the dog in the picture has bitten two people in the last two years.

Both attacks happened near the Stein's home in King's Point.

The most recent incident happened March 7th, when Dylan nipped a little girl's leg, requiring 7-stitches.

Because it as the second reported attack, the county is required to determine if the dog meets the state's definition of a “dangerous dog”.

After hearing from both the Stein's, Bay County Code Enforcement and Animal Control, Special Magistrate Jonathan Dingus decided Dylan is considered “dangerous”.

This essentially was strike two.

If Dylan is involved in another attack, the county could euthanize the animal.

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