String of Local Shootings Continues

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PANAMA CITY- Panama City Police received the 911 call around 4:30 Thursday morning. Shots fired at the Macedonia Garden Apartments off 17th street.

When officials arrived, they found a 17-year old with a gunshot wound in his stomach area.

"Shots came possibly from a vehicle; we have not confirmed that yet. But we believe there was some kind of confrontation out here before all of this happened," said Jon Morris, Panama City Police Sergeant.

"With regard to the incident this morning, we had a juvenile that was out at 4 am reportedly just coming from a nightclub. Question should be asked, why we have a juvenile out at 4 am and why they are coming from a nightclub. Where are the parents? Clearly someone has failed this child," said Scott Ervin, Panama City Police Chief.

Macedonia resident Emma Jordan says drug activity and shootings have become an unfortunate reality for her and her neighbors.

She says her own granddaughter is serving time on drug related issues and is worried about what happens when she is released.

"I don't want her to come back here. I'm trying to get away from here," said Emma Jordan, Panama City Resident.

This is just the latest of at least 6 shootings that Panama City Police have investigated in the last 2 months. Four people have died.

Ervin says not of the shootings are random and none of them are related.

He says he's hoping the community will help officers in some of the troubled areas.

"In my hope is that our share community value will result in parents, family members, and other community members, continuing to contact us with information about crimes," said Ervin.

"I'm concerned and I don't care who hear me what I'm saying because I'm telling the truth. This need to be did something about it. The kids have a future. And if you don't put them in the right way, they're going to go astray," said Jordan.

Investigators say the victim will survive. They're still looking for the suspects.