Student Athlete Physicals No Longer Given at Liberty County Schools

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Bristol- Nurse practitioners will no longer conduct sports physicals at schools in Calhoun and Liberty Counties.

The inspector General of the Florida Health Department wrapped up an investigation over allegations of inappropriate conduct between a nurse practitioner and a Liberty High School student.

The claims were made against Mike McKenzie, ARNP for comments made while he was conducting physicals for approximately 61 student athletes at the school.

The report stated some students told principal Aaron Day McKenzie made comments about their genitalia saying, "Bristol boys are bigger than Blountstown boys."

However, Regina Oswalt, LPN a nurse who was in the room during all of the examinations said McKenzie was talking about the boys height and weight.

Oswalt claimed the student being seen at the time was more than 6 feet tall and the student prior was 6'7. The nurse also said McKenzie had been listening to the student's chest through a stethoscope when the comment was made.

"The allegations were investigated and found to be unsubstantiated" explained Calhoun and Liberty County Health Department Director, Rachel Manspeaker. "He was working within his scope of practice and he was operating under protocols."

Manspeaker told us even though no disciplinary action was being taken against McKenzie, in light of the situation the health departments will stop sending nurse practitioners to conduct sports physicals at the school.

Calhoun and Liberty County health departments will stay open later and on some Saturdays in June and July to accommodate working parents.

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