Students Cheer for Their Hero

But, Wednesday the Air Force pilot got a hero’s welcome from his children and their classmates.
Holy Nativity Episcopal School students gathered Wednesday morning to welcome their hero home.

The entire school of around 250 children and 150 or more parents and friends lined the street to welcome Col. Granducci home. His children, Mary and Santi IV, escorted him from their home just around the corner from the school.

Col. Granducci's wife is a Holy Nativity school teacher has been planning the celebration for some time.

Col. Ggranducci has served 21 years in the Air Force as an F15 pilot, following in the footsteps of his father who was a pilot in Vietnam. His wife, Bridget said the timing was perfect.

"Today's his birthday so it worked out perfect, Yep, It's Halloween, so the kids were praying my students, I teach fourth grade here, and so the students have been praying all year for God speed that he get home by his birthday. And he made it yesterday."

His return home wasn't hampered by the super storm even though he had to connect in Baltimore.

He arrived home late Tuesday night just in time for the homecoming and birthday.

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