Students Clean Clean Holmes Creek

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Some Vernon High School students are learning about science, while improving their environment. They spent the day cleaning up Holmes Creek. The students also want to make people aware of the impact the creek has on the community.

Vernon High School Teacher Donna Keith wanted her Future Farmers of America students to appreciate having a resource like Holmes Creek. So she's been teaching how the creek fits into the local environment.

"The creek is for us to enjoy," said Keith. "It's our natural, it's our greatest natural resource and we really have to take care of it and preserve it."

Keith and her students started planning the Thursday’s clean-up last summer.

"We didn't expect to find that much trash because of the flooding that's been happening and not many people have been going to the creek,” said student Kiley Bullock. “But we found, well, my team found about a full bag and we found a dog crate."

Keith said she hopes the community will become more conscious of the environment.

"We found some very odd things that people throw into the creek,” she explained. “And several instances where kids have been in the water playing around and have stepped on broken beer bottles and cut themselves."

Students here say preserving the creek has gone from a class project to a personal mission.

"We don't have a beach,” said Bullock. “We are in the middle of nowhere. A creek is hometown hangout. I think it’s just somewhere where everybody gets together and have fun."

Keith says unfortunately there's enough trash that she'd like to make the clean-up day an annual class project.