Students Learn Real-Life Lessons in Arnold High School Economics Class

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PANAMA CITY BEACH -- Chances are you've heard teens joke that they'll never use algebra, but for Arnold High School economics teacher Matt Bullard, it's no joking matter. He's giving his students the financial skills they'll need to survive the real world.

Seniors in Mr. Bullard's AP economics class are conducting mock interviews so when it's time for the real thing, they'll be ready.

"I think I get a reality check definitely because having the interview is not like most other interviews I've had for you know a teenage job and I’ll be more prepared once I get out of college," student Caroline Williams said.

It's just one example of the way Mr. Bullard teaches real life economics - less theory, more application - and the students like it that way.

"I think they love it because they're doing something they're actually involved. It's not they're listening to everything I say, I come in and I do all the…it's a one man show. They're really participating,” Bullard said.

Buying a home, balancing a checkbook, handling debt and making investments are all a part of the practical economics lessons Bullard will cover with these seniors.

"It's a lot more helpful than other people are getting in other economics classes. They're learning theories and how to apply slightly boring ideals when we can be learning real things,” student Adrian Wynter said.

Mr. Bullard says it's exciting to see students grasp these concepts and thrive.

"The things we've been doing lately we've practiced those and then we did a mock interview and then we take those and we'll review those so they can see their mistakes and they just did a great job I mean they were just superb and I’m real proud of them."

Bullard's next real-world lesson will be teaching students how to buy a home.