Students Plant Tress for Arbor Day

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PANAMA CITY BEACH - Florida's Arbor day is right around the corner and the Panama City Rotary Club is working to spread the word.

The organization went to Patronis, Breakfast Point, and Hutchison Elementry schools Wednesday to educate students about the importance of taking care of our community.

More than 100 4th graders at the elementary school packed the gym for a lesson on Arbor Day.

The kids were excited to hear about how they can help make panama city a green community.

The local Rotary Club has been working with Bay Area schools for five year.

After a quick history lesson, the group handed out individually packaged tree seedlings to take home and plant.

"It really makes a difference in our communities as well as around the world so its really neat to be able to hear them understand the history," said Jeannie Retherford with Panama City Rotary Club.

Florida's Arbor Day is Friday, January 17th.

"Fourth Grade Foresters" started 7 years ago.

Since then over 500,000 students have rolled up their sleeves to plant a tree.