Students Put Crime Scene Skills to the Test

It's not every day you dig up bodies, but for students in Gulf Coast State College's crime scene investigation class, it's an opportunity they get once a semester.

Monday afternoon, students dug in 3 different locations pulling out the fake bones of two adults and one child that were buried about a month ago.

During the class, students learn various topics from proper documentation in photographs to methods of finding the bodies.

Today was their opportunity to take what they've learned in the classroom and apply it in a real life situation.

"It was really good to actually get out there and actually dig up and actually do what we've been training and practicing and learning how to do for 9 months now," said Nicholas Rice. "We were able to put all that together into that, all the documentation, all the photography, all that stuff into that one bit."

"Reality versus just reading it in a book or just listening to an instructor," said forensic specialist Jan Johnson. "The students retain it because it's hands on and it's something they'll never forget."

Along with the bodies, students also found evidence, from shell casings to bullets.