Students Rally to End Voter Suppression

Step-by-step, these students are marching for equal rights.

Friday morning nearly 100 people marched to the historic state capitol with one mission making their voices heard.

“The march and the rally is to bring awareness to a movement the no vote, no voice movement,” said Eugene Butler III.

A recent 5 to 4 Supreme Court ruling struck down a key part of the Voting Rights Act. Shocking many of those who marched here.

“Often times it takes measures like these to let them know we know what’s going on. Our voice still matters, we sill still show up at any time,” said Tom Diamond.

Although the rally ended here at the historic state capitol, students hope their message goes much further and makes an impact nationwide.

“We stand for so many voices and so this means that we will do what we have to do so that people, the Supreme Court will hear our voice,” said Diamond.

Supporters say voter suppression goes beyond the Supreme Court ruling. They argue Florida has a long track record of making it difficult for people to vote. Including the 2011 law which created long lines. That law has since been reversed. Students say other laws still make it difficult for Floridians to vote.

“I think those long lines where people didn’t get to vote, are a direct result of slashing early voting hours,” said Cecelia O’Brien.

Students say they are planning for more rallies this fall after school is back in session.

The group says they also plan to use social media to end voter suppression.