Students Volunteer at Wolf Preserve

CHIPLEY -- Surfside middle school students have been taking educational field trips to the Seacrest wolf preserve for years. But, this year's trip was a little different. There was work to be done.

"We are very grateful that these students came today, to help expedite this important area, this area that is part of the wolf preserve," says Cynthia Watkins of the preserve.

Three weeks ago heavy rains busted through several dams on the property. The resulting flood waters washed away fences and destroyed habitats.

Surfside middle school civic's students were choosing a volunteer project at the time and choose Seacrest.

For most, a day of volunteer work and completing a school assignment would be enough. But these students weren't satisfied with that alone, handing over a two thousand dollar check that surprised Seacrest's founders.

"There is so much good in the world. There is so much wonderful goodness in kids. They will really rise to the occasion when they can see you need them, and when they feel like what they do can make a difference, they are just awesome," says Civic's teacher Kathy Easom.