Success Story: Panama City Addict Changes His Life

PANAMA CITY-- Jimmy Hudson works the front desk of the Panama City Rescue Mission. He also knows what it feels like to be on the other side of the counter.

He first walked through the mission's doors almost a year ago.

"I've been an alcoholic pretty much my whole life. For the last 30 years of it anyway," said Hudson.

New program director Ricky Briggs has spearheaded the new direction for the mission's addiction counseling.

"The recovery program is designed in a way in which we no longer want to be talking down to the clients. We don't want staff above them. We want to come down along side them and teach them also how to become leaders," said Briggs.

"Anyone who comes in here trying to find help, I'll take them off to the side, I'll pray with them. Sometimes it'll help sometimes it won't, but at least you have planted the seed."

With any luck, those seeds will grow. And perhaps someday, the people he helped will be doing the same for others.