Summer Camp and Day Care Safety

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School will be out in a matter of a few weeks, and many parents will be sending their children to day care or summer camp.

Those summer field trips mean increased opportunities for children to wander off.

According to the Center to Prevent Lost Children, more than 2,000 kids are lost in the US every day. Most are recovered, but those minutes and hours they're gone are agonizing for parents.

Now there's a new program that can help. It's a temporary tattoo that goes on your child. It has a space for parents to write their cell phone number. It can also alert emergency officials to health issues, such as allergies.

"True, I guess at certain ages you don't know your own phone number, that could be helpful, but there's no substitution for good adult supervision," said Wil Spivey with Aquatic & Beach Operations.

Pam Fleege with Early Education and Care agrees, adult supervision is crucial.

Fleeg said, "They are divided up into small groups so that an adult is assigned a small number of children so that they can keep an eye on those. You typically count them frequently."

However, no matter how well supervised, sometimes a child just wanders off.

Spivey said, "They can travel quicker than you think. A lot of times you think they've got to be right here and then all of a sudden they are seven condos down the beach."

Experts still say it's important parents teach kids what to if they are lost.

90% of all US families will experience losing a child in a public place.