Sunday Alcohol Sales Voted Down in Holmes County

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Bonifay- Sunday alcohol sales has been a controversial issue in Holmes county until Tuesday when the topic finally came to a head in the election. The county voted against the measure by a majority.

It was news that disappointed many business owners, like Connie Mason, owner of Dogwood Lakes Golf Club. Mason did a lot of campaigning for the issue advocating it would help boost local business.

Mason told us she though her customers should be able to buy a burger and beer on Sunday. She said that not being able to sell the beverage has been causing problems.

We're rather disappointed" Mason said. "We're fighting with the folks who come from out of the area and bring their own beer. Not only do we lose the revenue, we have to clean up after them. That was our biggest gripe and our biggest fight".

Mason said the people of Holmes County had spoken and she would respect that. But she also said she would try again in four years.

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