Sunshine Shuttle Turtle Express Begins Service

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South Walton- Dozens of locals, visitors and seaside officials gathered at the Central Square and the Seaside Amphitheater for the big unveil of the Sunshine Shuttle Turtle Express Sunday afternoon.

"Local businesses have stepped up and have really embraced this concept because traffic is now at a tipping point at 30a," said John Finch, Sunshine Shuttle Founder.

The event started with a launch party where live bands performed and there were activities for the entire family.

Then the shuttle was revealed.

Local businesses and residents say this is great and they needed relief from traffic issues in the area.

"One of the little areas to the other you can spend 15 minutes going a mile going from one place to the next and you can't even park half the time so this will make it a lot easier on us," said Joe Seranto, South Walton resident.

"What we are running into is an issue where we actually have thousands of homes being built and its quite simply unsustainable to have every car for every home on the road," said Walter Moss, Cone Insurance Company.

"They're a lot of people who are flying to this part of the world because of the new Panama City airport and there is no need for these people to rent a car if there is a way for them to get from where they are staying to where they want to go shop to dinner or whatever it is," said Robert Davis, Seaside Co-founder.

The Turtle Express is free to riders and will run from 11 a.m. until midnight each day through Labor Day weekend.

Trolley riders can access a live map through the sunshine shuttle website.