Supervisor of Elections Training For Precincts

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PANAMA CITY - Carrying out a civic duty could put a little extra cash in your pocket.

The Bay County Supervisor of Elections office is hiring and training people to help run voting booths during the voting season.

Precinct Election Officials are in charge of setting up voting equipment, preparing the voting locations, and running the voting booths throughout election days.

Many positions are available with pay depending on the training and positions assigned ranging from $110 to $200 for each day of duty.

Bay County Supervisor of Elections, Mark Andersen, said, "There's certain trainings that are required before we get to the election cycle. Some leadership training, some working the check-in tables. Some working the equipment which i have here behind me. But we need to train everybody and get them ready for the election but we're also looking for people who are interested in coming in and helping us get through the election cycle this year."

For more information on becoming a precinct official, contact the Supervisor of Elections office at 784-6100.