Surfside Middle School Language Arts Teachers Wins Golden Apple

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Panama City Beach - This week's Golden Apple award winner teaches 6th grade language arts at Surfside Middle School. Kimberly Meadows has only been teaching for 3 years, but she has already made a lasting impact on the life of the student who nominated her.

Sometimes teachers go about the daily business of teaching never knowing how deeply they've impacted the lives of their students. Kimberly Meadows is one of those teachers. "She made me look at language arts in a different way, cause I've always had trouble with reading and she's made it better for me. She is just amazing," said 7th grader Shelby Young, who nominated Miss Meadows.

Very effective but humble, Meadows strives to make her 6th grade language arts classroom an environment where students can learn without inhibitions. "I want them to feel like they can be at home here, I want them to feel like they can be safe and be able to be open without being judged," said Meadows.

"She establishes a climate in that classroom that says you are welcome here, I care about you, we all care about each other, which is a beautiful thing," said Principal Sue Harrell. "She is just fun. She is young. She makes everything understandable. It's hard but it's really fun," said 6th grader Wesley Horn. For Shelby, it's more than that, "She is my motivation to come to school and stay in school. I got into trouble for a while and she help me through it all.

"What better gift than to know that you've helped the future generation," said Miss Meadows. Congratulations to Kimberly Meadows, this week's Golden Apple award winning teacher. 'I think there are a lot of students who will say that she has touched their life," said Principal Harrell. "I'm so glad she helped me realize that school is important," said Shelby.

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