Suspect Caught on Camera and Arrested - Victim Certainly Knew the Suspect

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An investigator with the Walton County Sheriff’s Office arrested Lisa Marie Aldrich, 31, of Vernon, FL for burglary to a dwelling and larceny grand theft on Wednesday, January 15th.

Investigators say Aldrich broke into her ex-husband’s home located at 89 Mack Bayou, Santa Rosa Beach, and stole a shotgun, a socket set and some clothes.

After the victim, the ex-husband, discovered the burglary, he reviewed his video surveillance cameras at his house and confronted the suspect, the ex-wife, by phone telling her to bring the items back.

The suspect brought the shotgun, socket set and some of the clothes back and left them near the victim’s residence. Mrs. Aldrich admitted during an interview that she did take the items belonging to her ex-husband, which was corroborated by video surveillance.

She's was jailed on Burglary and Grand Theft charges.

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