Suspects in Custody in Connection with Deadly Shooting

PANAMA CITY BEACH, FL-- Several suspects are now in custody in connection with a deadly shooting at a Panama City Beach apartment complex.

Panama City Beach police found 23 year old Ryan Christopher Brooks laying in the parking lot of the front office of the club apartments on Paddock Drive with multiple gunshot wounds early Thursday morning.

He later died at the hospital. Panama City Beach police say 17 year old Alyssa Watford allegedly contacted Brooks looking to buy marijuana. They say she brought 22 year old Joshua Smith and 24 year old Randy Jackson, to allegedly rob Brooks during the transaction. But authorities say Brooks also brought an ally, 25 year old Joseph Cannizzo, to rob her.

As Brooks and Cannizzo, armed with guns, attempted to rob Watford, Jackson reportedly shot brooks multiple times. Jackson, Smith and Watford were all arrested from their Panama City homes with out incident.

Cannizzo, who lived on Paddock Club Drive, was found at his home with his girlfriend, 26 year old Nicole Philbrooke. Police say she attempted to destroy evidence and was also arrested. Watford was taken to the Department of Juvenile Justice on conspiracy to commit armed robbery charges.

Smith and Jackson are charged with first degree murder and armed robbery. Cannizzo and Philbroke face tampering with evidence charges.

Cannizzo took the firearm used in the crime and gave it to 34 year old Clinton Allen. Investigators found the gun at Allen's residence.

Allen's being charged with being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm and providing false innformation.