Testimony Begins in Trial of Suspended Liberty County Sheriff

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Bristol- Wednesday, suspended Sheriff Nick Finch will enter his third day in court fighting charges of official misconduct and destroying public records.

On May 8, 2013, a Liberty County man, Floyd Parrish was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon without a permit. He was handcuffed and taken into custody by Depute James (Jody) Hoagland. Three hours later, Parrish and Finch left the Liberty County Jail together.

Defense Attorney, Jimmy Judkins asked witness, Floyd Parrish about the details of his release.

"Did Sheriff Finch talk to you," Judkins asked?
"Yes sir," Parrish replied.
"Did he say, This one's on me Mr. Parrish."
"Yes sir," Parrish said, "but he basically let me know that I needed to get my permit if I was going to carry a gun."

The state is trying to prove he was wrongfully released- that Parrish was not released on his own recognizance, which would have been within Finch's scope.

The defense cross examined the one of state's witness', Assistant State Attorney, Richard Combs.

"The Sheriff could not just drop charges on Mr. Parrish," the defense asked.

"Once the arrest has started, I'd say no," Combs replied.

Parrish was never finger printed and his name was whited out from two jail logs. But, several whiteness' from the Liberty County Sheriff's Office claimed white out on those logs was not entirely unusual.

"It would not surprise you to find white out on that log would it" the defense asked Liberty County Sheriff's Office Correctional Officer, David Black.

"No sir," Black replied.

"As a matter of fact, it was a common practice to use white out on those log books, right" the defense asked.

"Yes sir."

"Did you allow anyone during [Black's] shift to white out or alter these logs?"

"No sir."

"Are these logs kept secure at the liberty county jail?"

"Yes sir."

Court was slated to resume first thing Wednesday morning.

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