TDC Website Delivers Outdated Information

The Bay County Tourist Development Council's website is one of the most visited web sites in Northwest Florida and is seen by thousands of tourists. But lately they've been getting outdated information when it comes to beach surf warning flags.

The site indicated double red flags Sunday morning, when they'd actually been changed to single red flags. No one caught the problem for at least 6 hours.

"In this particular situation unfortunately the flag wasn't changed quite as quickly as it should be, but there's certainly other ways of getting the information. We are looking at perfecting that situation and making sure that it's a little more accurate in the future," says TDC Vice President of Marketing Susan Estler.

The TDC emphasizes there are other ways to receive updates.

"We have many different methods that promote the flag warning system. One of those is our text messaging program that we actually have on our website. You can go to and on the left hand side it says beach safety text alerts, and you can sign up for that."

The TDC also hires Boomer Aviation to fly a banner over the beaches when there are double red flags, but that doesn't do much good for someone who wants to come to the beach for the day.

The TDC says it is currently conducting a total revamp of its website to make it more current and responsive.

"The way the system is currently set up is our flag warning system is part of the overall management of the website. We will arrange for it to be automated or segregated so that we are able to manage that and will have multiple people monitoring the flag warning system."

The TDC says the person who is responsible for changing the flag on the website was out of the office for a short time this weekend.

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