Taking Care of Plants in the Freeze

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PANAMA CITY BEACH Dropping temperatures are forcing gardeners to take certain precautionary measures.

On average, the Florida panhandle battles freezing cold weather for just a couple months.

As the panhandle continues to see falling temperatures, homeowners are starting to bundle up their plants.

Home Depot Garden Associate Rose Casey explains, "Anytime before it gets below 32 degrees you need to be concerned about your plants at all times because they will burn up and they will freeze to death."

Gardener Paige Foreman adds, "Well the easiest way for me - with my plants especially- is just to bring them inside. They're all in pots and it's just in my inside porch."

But some plants are too large to bring indoors.

The next best solution is to simply cover them up.

Casey says, "The mesh is very light weight. It's very breathable. Your plant is going to be able to survive and not get cold and frost bite."

Experts say quick action is crucial this time of year.

Casey says, "They can start dying within hours and you'll start seeing it - the next morning you come out you'll see it all withered up and it's dead."

If you do forget to cover your plants, and it looks like the freeze has killed it, don't throw it away.

It may still bloom again in the spring.

Foreman says, "If they don't bounce back, in the spring, give it some time. If they don't come back then just replace them."

Experts say you should never use heaters or light bulbs to try and keep plants warm.

Those are extreme fire dangerous.