Taking Care of Tyler, 7-Year-Old Attacked by Pit Bull Mix

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Tyler Jett suffered severe head and neck injuries when two pit bull mixed breed dogs attacked him in the yard of his home on Kelly Court.
When paramedics arrived Tyler had a faint heartbeat and no pulse.
Doctors at Bay Medical Center stabilized him, then life-flighted him to Pensacola.
Wednesday, Tyler’s mother, Brandy Wilhite, posted an update on Facebook that said doctors will perform another CT scan to detect any swelling or fluid build-up around his brain.
Animal Control officers and sheriff's deputies seized a total of 7 of dogs from the owner, Edward Daniels Jr.
The two involved in the attack, a bull dog puppy, a dachshund and three other puppies.
At this point, the fate of the two dogs that attacked Tyler is uncertain.
"The next step is, we have to notify the owner that the animals will be euthanized in 10 days," said Valerie Sale, the Bay County public information officer.
That gives Daniels time to request a hearing.
This is not the first incident with these dogs.
"These dogs have gotten out several times and the owner has been cited previously," said Lt. Michael Branning with the Bay County Sheriff’s Department.
And in 2012 a young boy was bitten by one of Daniels' other dogs named Dude, also a bull dog mix.
"After that, the dog was declared dangerous and the owner decided to have him euthanized," said Sale.
One of Daniels' neighbors, who complained about the dogs just last week, said he has got nothing against the bull dog or pit bull breeds.
"To me, it's nothing to do with the breed, pit bull or not, it's how you raise them,” Stanlee Himpbaugh said. “Obviously they're not raised right."
Tyler's family has started a Tyler Jett Benefit Account to help with hospital bills.
You can make a donation to any Hancock Bank.