Taking a Look at Bay County Domestic Violence

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Two days after a double murder in Panama City, investigators are continuing to look into what they believe is the result of a tragic love triangle.

Police believe Glenn Briggs shot his estranged wife Vikitha Briggs and his former best friend Johnny Graham outside of the Marriot Courtyard Inn off east 23rd street Sunday night. They both died from head wounds.

One local organization's sole mission is to prevent domestic violence by giving spouses some options.

Dependency Court Advocate Pamela Martin says, "How scared are women? They're terrified."

According to the salvation army, more than 50% of US marriages contain physical abuse. One out of 4 women will be battered at some point in their life. And battery is the single major cause of injury to women.

"I have lost several victims to their abusers."

And on Sunday night, another victim was lost.

Glenn and Vikitha Briggs had a troubled marriage, with episodes of domestic violence.

She received a restraining order last October.

Rape Process Program Executive Director Kimberly Swanson says, "Will an injunction for protection help? Definitely it will help. Will it hinder someone who is set on doing something like this? Not necessarily."

And it didn't in this case.

In Dcember Genn allegedly pointed a gun at Vikitha and said, "I am finally going to put an end to all of this."

Attorney at Law Jonathan Dingus says, "Like we saw the other day, sometimes there are people that are so motivated to kill people, they're going to do it, and no piece of paper's going to stand in the way.

So what is the right answer?

Swanson says, "Recently we discovered that bay county has one of the highest homicide rates due to domestic violence in the state of Florida, and because of those rates we are actually receiving funding to create a position. That position will be an invest advocate."

That person will work closely with the Bay County Sheriff's Office to determine lethality of domestic violence cases brought to the county's attention and then determine the best service to provide to the victim.

If you're a domestic violence victim contact the nearest women's shelter or call an abuse hot line.

The Salvation Army's crisis line is 763-0706.