Springfield Property Tax Still in Talks

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SPRINGFIELD - Springfield City Commissioners were supposed to vote on a proposed property tax Monday night, but the discussion never came up.

For months now, Springfield city officials have said the city is in financial trouble and needs to start collecting a property tax to make ends meet. It's a big move, because right now Springfield is one of only 22 cities in Florida that does not have a property tax.

"Most cities have had this for 30, 45 years and been paying all the loans and they've been getting the improvements. We have kept it as low for the citizens as we possibly could," said Springfield Mayor Ralph Hammond.

The commission was considering a 4 to 5 mil property tax, which would help the city pay off any bills, and fund projects beyond the $800,000 dollar annual budget.

Hammond said, "Paving and removing the structures is very important to me because that's what citizens see." said Hammond.

However, Monday night commissioners postponed the discussion and the vote, saying the proposed millage rates and the numbers aren't right.

"Right before the meeting my attorney called me and there's some miscommunication on last week's numbers," said Hammond.

In order to levy the right amount of taxes, the city has to wait for the release of the certified property tax role next month month. Once they have those figures, city officials will be able to set a millage rate. The good news is that rate will most likely be lower than the 4 to 5 mills commissioners were considering.

The mayor said. "I would like to keep it down near a three maybe a three five."

Mayor Hammond believes that rate will be around 4 mills. That vote probably won't take place now until the 1st of July. Commissioners will hold another workshop meeting on the proposed tax on June 16th at noon.